Frequently Asked Questions

An initial coin offering (ICO), also known as a digital token sale or crowd sale, is a way of raising funds from the public for the development of a product outside of the traditional VC world. Usually products are blockchainbased technologies, but the crowd sale model is increasingly being used for other kinds of projects as well.

Each project creates a new cryptocurrency in the form of tokens, which are then sold to the public to raise funds for project development.

If a product successfully completes their ICO funding goal, their tokens are distributed to those who bought them and they become tradeable on the cryptocurrency market. If the product itself is then successful, these tokens can potentially become very valuable.

A token is a digital asset that is sold to the public during an ICO campaign, usually for other popular cryptocurrencies, namely BTC or ETH, or sometimes directly for fiat currency. Unlike a cryptocurrency, tokens usually do not have their own blockchain, but rather are hosted on another blockchain, such as Ethereum’s.

Once an ICO campaign is complete, the token developers can release the tokens on an exchange, where they can be traded and fluctuate in value, like any other cryptocurrency.

There will be no commission initially on marketplaces, will register the small sellers to provide them big marketplace.

By Combining all the benefits of marketplaces on one platform will create acomparative advantage over other market offers both for customers and  sellers.

Decentralization and the opportunities presented by the use of cryptocurrency in the project can cover the needs in speed, global market access and transaction security

We already have agreement with few retailers across Asia for test launch. We will try to focus more on Asia market as its more unsystematic compared to USA, UK, ETC. which we give us more number of users as well.

International shipping will be handled by several prominent shipping companies. As our marketplace continues to develop, we are going to expand the list of shipping options.

The marketplace functionality is currently in development and will launch with full functionality a little bit later. However, you’ve already could create your store and it’d start the work with the launch of the platform itself. All the services & product can be sold through our platform.

The transaction price (commission) in bitcoin blockchain network highly depends on the amount sent. The customer can pay both a much larger commission (thousands of dollars) and a much smaller (a few cents). In addition, the user himself usually chooses the amount of gas which will be used for the transaction. This amount defines how quickly this operation will be executed.

The marketplace will work on Delcoin, the commission, fees, payments, etc will be done through Delcoin only. The huge community will trade it in daily use to gain its price

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